Give your home curb appeal and sell that house!

Give your home curb appeal and sell that house!

We have outgrown our house!

It’s incredible to think that we just bought this house, and now after 3 boys who are honestly growing like weeds, we have outgrown our home. Our house at the time was a simple 1 floor, 3 bedroom, 1 and half bath, with a finished basement. It was a good average size starter home, we loved it! So we bought it and moved in. It did the job when the kids were cute and little, but now that they are these 3, loud, smelly, boisterous, eating me out of my house and home, massive boys, we were cramped.

So it was time to move!

We had to start getting our house ready to be put on the market and think of ways to get the most buyers want to come see it. Now, from my own experience I can tell you that bringing up the curb appeal really helped for a fast sale. I wanted buyers to come and see my house over the neighbor's house, which was also up for sale. Let’s just say it was a friendly neighborly competition. Our neighbor’s house was a side split, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a finished basement and a back yard with landscaping to die for with a huge in ground pool. Talk about competition!

Enter our realtor Alex. I must say our realtor was on top of his game. He was excited, enthusiastic and had no doubt our house would sell quickly. He sold it in less than 12 hours! Who does that? Our super realtor that's who, he only needs a cape. He was amazed that it sold so quickly let alone for $31,000 more than what we purchased it at. I believe that our realtor plus the curb appeal of our home brought in that right buyer.

I know what you’re thinking. How did we do it?!

My wife and I always maintained our home the usual way homeowners do. The yearly gutter cleaning, kept up the yard work, sweeping up and watering our flower beds. We wanted our house to have that extra oomph and give people a great first impression so that they'd want to come in and see what’s inside.

So back to your question, how did we do it? First, we wanted buyers to feel invited, to picture themselves coming home to this house but at the same time we wanted to get the most bang for our buck. This is what we did;

  • Clean, clean, clean.

We decided to give the outside of our house a tip top cleaning. This included an extra gutter cleaning, screwing in any loose netting over our eaves troughs and then power wash the outside of our house, the driveway, deck and fence. All this made it easy since I, naturally, used my own soaps and equipment to give it a good clean. My wife wiped down all of our light fixtures getting rid of dust, dirt and any spider webs that usually collects over the winter. A clean house gives buyers a great first impression on what’s to come inside.

  • A Fresh paint job. My wife wanted to give our front door a new paint job. It was this grungy green color and thought that it would look better and classier in white. While painting the front door she noticed the shutters were a little crooked and run down looking so she asked me to paint them from white to black. Our house was mainly white brick with some grey color so the black shutters made it pop. I also decided to paint the foundation trim of our home black to match the shutters. Doing this really helped give our home that crisp and polished look.

  • Spruce up that landscape.

This took a little more time and effort, but it was well worth it. We laid fresh new sod a year prior to give our front yard a fresher, greener, healthy looking lawn. It cost us about $250 for the sod and I laid it myself as it wasn’t a very big front yard. I gave it an aerating to help the grass breathe so that my lawn at the time would be able to absorb water and nutrients. I also maintained it by giving it a regular mowing and edging. Quick tip: aerating once a year is an easy maintenance that goes a long way to getting fresh green grass, and who doesn't want a green healthy lawn!

  • A little light gardening.

My wife took on the gardening which gave the house a pop of color. We had lots of bushes which just needed some pruning and shaping up, she did some weeding and removed debris out of the garden and then she added brightly colored flowers. She also added 1 big planter by our front door. The finishing touch that made a huge difference was the red mulch.

Mulch gave our yard a fresh appearance.

  • Light up the house.

To give our home the appearance of a warm and inviting feeling, we added a few garden lights. Installing soft exterior lighting gave our home a welcoming, friendly ambiance while also increasing safety. I wanted to let the buyers know that these lights weren’t going to cost them anymore money, so I installed solar lights. I didn’t have to run any electrical or the use of extension cords. All I did was stick them in the ground, and I was done.

This is all that we basically did to the exterior of the house. Giving our home that stunning curb appeal was well needed in order to attract as many buyers and to sell it quickly. Selling it in less than 12 hours was insane to say the least. Our neighbors house was up for sale for over a month. That was quick too but I’ll let you guys be the judge of the winner, wink!

Now let’s get real. If you are anything like me and my family working 10+ hours a day, my wife working her full time job, 3 kids to take here, there and everywhere, who are we kidding? Who actually has the time for that. I’m not going to lie, it was tough for us to do all this with life getting in they way. If you need to hire some professionals, here are who we suggest.

Precise Mobile Wash

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Turner Landscaping

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Sales Representative

Realtor Alex Sharma

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